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Congratulations on becoming a Coach with North Regina!  We hope this information will help keep you organized and get your season off to a successful start.

Coaching Manuals

Codes of Conduct

Coach’s Code of Conduct

This outlines the expected behaviours of our baseball coaches.

Player’s Code of Conduct

This outlines the expected behaviours of our baseball players.

Parent’s Code of Conduct

This outlines the expected behaviours of our baseball parents.

Other Helpful Information

Player-Position Tracking Form

This form helps plan which players will play which positions in a game.

Parent Meeting Agenda Example

This is an sample agenda to help guide you through the initial parent meeting.

24-Hour Cool-Down Policy

This policy requires a cool down period before discussing an emotional incident.

Training and Certification

This is a list of mandatory and optional training for our coaches.

Criminal Record Checks

Criminal Record Checks are required for anyone who has contact with players in a coaching capacity (i.e. Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Parent Helper).   North Regina requires all CRCs be dated within two years of the current season.  CRCs completed for other sports organizations or for employment purposes are acceptable.

If you have an existing CRC, you will be asked to upload that during Coach Registration.  Please ensure you have your CRC in hand when you begin your coaching application as you will only be able to add it during registration.

If you require a new CRC, our RAMP system has an on-line CRC tool built right in.  No more having to go down to the police station to get a CRC!  During registration, check the option to perform a CRC.  This will automatically generate an email to you asking for more detailed information to complete the background check.  The fee for this is $25 and the CRC will be returned directly to your RAMP account.  This CRC will be attached to your RAMP account and will be available for use with other sporting organizations who use RAMP for registration.

Volunteer Letter –  If you choose to go the more traditional route of contacting the Regina Police Service or RCMP for your CRC, you may be asked to provide a NRLL Volunteer Letter from our league.



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