Regular Season Registration

2021 Registration is Now Open!

We are excited to announce that registration for our 2021 Regular Season is now open.  At this time, we are not collecting payment until we have greater certainty that our season will run as expected.  

Please register your player soon to secure a spot on a team.   Although we are not expecting limits placed on registration due to COVID, it would be a great idea to get your player registered to secure a spot.  Having a good idea of player registration numbers also helps us plan the best season possible.  

Please note that if your player wishes to play in the AA and AAA Tiers in Regular Season or play All-Stars this summer, they must attend Regular Season evaluations.  Regular Season evaluations will serve as the evaluation tool for both Regular and All-Star Seasons.  During registration, please indicate that you would like your player to attend evaluations.  

Registration will close on March 15, 2021.  In the meantime, please take advantage of our Mom’s Pantry Fundraiser to earn credits towards this year’s Registration Fees.  Credits will be applied to your RAMP account in early March, thus lowering your Registration Fee accordingly.  You will be notified by email when your fees are due and the amount payable (after credits).  For players who are evaluating, fees are due by March 15, 2021.  For all other players, fees are due by April 15, 2021.  

The following link will allow you to register your player, coach and umpire.  We’ve made the move from TeamSnap to RAMP Interactive and we hope that makes for a seamless registration experience.  

Step 1

RAMP Account

Click on the registration link. If you do not already have a RAMP account, it will prompt you to create one.

Step 2


Register your player, coach and/or umpire for the 2021 Season. Fees are not payable at this time.

Step 3


Take advantage of our Mom's Pantry Fundraiser. For every $100 you sell, you receive a $15 credit towards your Registration Fees.

Step 4

Pay Fees

You will receive an email in early March with your amount payable (Registration Fees less credits earned) and when your fees are due.

2021 Fee Schedule

For information about age cutoffs for each Division, please check out the Little League Age charts.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons why your child will want to play baseball at North Regina:

  • Significant improvements to our programming will mean a much better baseball experience for your player.  
  • At North Regina you can expect to find a warm, welcoming baseball community.  There is a constant buzz of excitement as players and coaches are on the field practicing, playing a game or getting in some extra batting practice at our newly built batting cages.  You’ll often catch players and families grabbing a burger at our full-service canteen and lingering to watch the end of a competitive baseball game.  And you will certainly find fans who have just stopped by the park to see what’s happening that evening.  Together, these experiences create a baseball community you’ll love being a part of!
  • Players will want to play at North Regina because that’s where their friends play.  And if their friends don’t play there, they should bring them along!  There’s nothing better than playing baseball with your friends while meeting new friends along the way.  
  • We are very proud of our ball park and we think you will be, too.  Our park includes top-notch amenities such as a full-service canteen, modern clubhouse, pristine diamonds, newly built batting cages and plenty of open space and play areas for younger siblings to play.

Registration fees have increased for three important reasons.

  1. Registration Fees have increased to help cover the rising cost of baseball operations.  This year, we have made significant improvements to our baseball programming to ensure you receive greater value from your registration fees.  These improvements will significantly improve player’s skills and overall baseball experience.  Please visit our Player Development page for more information. 
  2. Jersey fees and Saskatchewan Little League (SLL) fees are included in the overall Registration Fee.  Together, these represent $50 of your Registration Fee.  Including the cost of the jersey at registration means players will keep their jerseys at the end of the season.  The SLL fees ensure all players and coaches are properly insured.  This fee also helps cover the costs of managing Little League baseball in Saskatchewan. 
  3. Our goal is to grow our league and ensure it’s viability into the future.  To do this, we must create a positive financial situation to operate in.  In addition to increasing Registration Fees, we will focus on other ways to generate income including fundraising, sponsorships and grant applications.  We are also committed to reducing costs and ensuring we spend our money on areas that grow our league and it’s potential.  Please know that your NRLL Executive is committed to a balanced approach to finances while ensuring your child has the best baseball experience possible. 

NRLL has made significant improvements to our programming this year.  Here is a summary of those changes:

  • We have created an A Tier within the Senior Rookie, Minor and Major Divisions.  This Tier is for players just beginning their baseball careers and will be very focused on learning the ins and outs of baseball.
  • The AA and AAA Tiers will still be focused on development, but will have a stronger competitive element.  The creation of an A Tier will help ensure the consistency of skill level in the AA and AAA Tiers.  
  • This year, NRLL will schedule games as well as practices for every Division and Tier.  
  • Our goal is to have all teams created by the beginning of April.  Early creation of teams means we can begin practicing well before the start of regular season on May 1, 2021.  If the weather cooperates, teams can practice outdoors.  If not, pre-season practices will be scheduled at an indoor facility.

Our on-line Registration form will help guide you through the registration process.  It will ask your child’s birthday, which will automatically place them in the correct Division.  If your child has never played baseball before or is in the very early stages of learning, then the A Tier is likely best for them.  If your child has played before and has some baseball experience, you may choose to have them evaluate for the AA or AAA tiers.  The Registration form will guide you by asking relevant questions as you go.  

There are several programs available to help pay for or subsidize Registration Fees.  

Players trying out for AA and AAA will be required to evaluate at a fee of $40.  This fee helps cover the costs of the indoor facility and Independent Evaluators.  Holding indoor evaluations means we are able to start our baseball season earlier than if we were to wait and hold them outdoors.  Independent Evaluators will help improve the quality of evaluations and ensure your player is placed in the appropriate tier for their skill level.  

Players wishing to play in the A Tier will not be required to evaluate and will not be charged the $40 evaluation fee.  

Along with improvements in programming, NRLL is also improving coaching programs and tools.  This year, each coach will be provided a Guide to Coaching that includes rules for the Division, guidelines for coaching a team, areas of focus for each Division and Tier and sample practice plans and drills.  Coaches will also have access to mentors who will be available for consultation or to help with one of your practices.  Our goal is to make coaching baseball as rewarding and as easy as possible.  A great baseball program means little without great coaches…so please consider lending your time and talents to our great baseball league