All-Star Season Registration


There is no registration process for the All-Star Season.

Players who would like to play in the All-Star Season must attend Regular Season evaluations.  Regular Season evaluations will serve as the evaluation tool for both Regular and All-Star Seasons.

Once evaluations are complete, All-Star coaches will invite the top-rated players to attend All-Star Development Camp, which is a series of practices, inter-squad games and exhibition games throughout April and May, alongside their Regular Season play.

At the beginning of June, All-Star Coaches will create their rosters from the players who attend the development camp.  All-Star Teams will begin operating as intact teams as of June 15th.

Coaching applications are still being accepted for the Minor All-Stars, AA coaches for all levels, 10U & 9U All Star Teams! Register here!


Jimmy Stewart

2022 AAA Major All-Star Coach


Kyle Carson

2022 Intermediate All-Star Coach


Jeremy Bergquist

2022 Senior All-Star Coach



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