North Regina Fundraising

North Regina organizes league-wide fundraising efforts every year to ensure the financial viability of our league and to ensure we can continue to offer a beautiful park and excellent baseball programming for many years to come.  Please consider supporting one of our fundraising initiatives.  


Our Mom’s Pantry Fundraiser was a hug success!

Thank you for making our Mom’s Pantry fundraiser so successful!  The fundraiser is now closed and all credits have been applied to the player’s RAMP Account.  You can now go in and pay the balance owing of your Registration Fees.  

Delivery of Mom’s Pantry orders should happen by March 15th.  You will be notified as soon as the date is confirmed.  On that day all orders will come sorted per player and you will be responsible for picking up all your orders and arranging pick or delivery with your family and friends.  Again, thank you for participating in our fundraiser!

Thank you for supporting our fundraiser.  All profits go towards supporting North Regina Little League and it’s members!

Drop N Go is a service that is available at all Saskatchewan Sarcan locations.  You simply drop off your recyclables and go! 

Visit any Sarcan location and look for the Drop N Go screen.  Follow the instructions on the screen and type “NRLL” when prompted to enter the group phrase.  It’s that simple!  No waiting around for cans and 

The recyclables will be counted and the money will be paid directly to North Regina Little League.  This service is available all across Saskatchewan so your friends and family can donate, too.