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North Regina Little League Joins the Performance League

North Regina is thrilled to become a part of the Performance League, a travel baseball league that features Intermediate, Junior, and Senior teams hailing from Alberta and Saskatchewan. The league runs from late April to early July, promising an exciting and competitive season ahead

Players will have the opportunity to join their North Regina Regular Season team on weekdays (Monday-Thursday), participating in a conventional 12-game season spanning from May 1 to June 30th. Additionally, they can partake in the Performance League, which entails weekend travel to Alberta and Moose Jaw for travel-ball style tournaments. This opportunity extends to non-North Regina players as well. Participation in the Performance League does not have a minimum Regular Season game requirement. However, Performance League games serve as qualifiers for eligibility to join North Regina's All-Star teams. These teams will contend in Provincials, potentially the Little League National Championships in July, and perhaps even the Little League World Series.  It's important to understand that participating in the Performance League doesn't automatically secure a spot on an All-Star team. All-Star team selections, announced in May, consider performance in Regular Season evaluations and gameplay as key factors during the drafting process by coaches.

How much does it cost?

Team fees for Performance League will be decided soon and will cover jerseys, socks, pictures and team based costs excluding travel.  Each player is responsible for their travel expenses.

How do we sign up?
Where/Who will we play?
When will we play?