All-Star Season

Who can play?

All-Star Teams (AAA Tier) are formed in the Minor, Major, Intermediate, Junior and Senior Divisions, assuming there are enough interested players.  Additional teams, called Select Teams (AA or A Tiers), may be formed where there are enough players to have two teams in one Division.

Players may try out for the All-Star or Select Team in their Division if they meet the following criteria:

  • Played on a North Regina Regular Season team (for Major Division and below).
  • Live in or attend school within the NRLL boundaries (for Major Division and below).  Boundaries for Intermediate, Junior and Senior include all of Regina and Moose Jaw (combined teams).
  • Are of legal age for your Division.
    • Ages 9 and 10 for 10U (typically a Select team)
    • Ages 9 and 10 for Minor (typically an All-Star team)
    • Ages 11 and 12 for Major (All-Star and Select teams)
    • Age 11-13 for Intermediate (typically an All-Star team)
    • Ages 13 and 14 for Junior (typically an All-Star’ team)
    • Ages 15 and 16 for Senior (typically an All-Star team)

It is mandatory that players play within their designated Division.  Minor (10 year old) players who played Major during the Regular Season are eligible to play on the Minor All Star team but not the Major All-Star team.

All players who would like to play in the All-Star Season must attend Regular Season evaluations.  Regular Season evaluations will serve as the evaluation tool for both Regular and All-Star Seasons.  Selection criteria for All-Stars includes:

  • baseball skills including fielding, catching, throwing, pitching and hitting as demonstrated during Regular Season evaluations and throughout All-Star Development Camps.
  • commitment and availability to attend all practices, camps, games, tournaments and other team events.  Players may be asked to sign a Commitment Contract to ensure they understand the level of commitment required to play All-Stars.
  • knowledge of the game, attitude, sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership demonstrated throughout development camps.
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