Our park is run entirely by volunteers…enthusiastic, dedicated volunteers who give as much time as they are able to keep our park running smoothly.  There are many ways you can contribute to this great baseball community. 


North Regina Little League will accept nominations from  Thursday, October 22, 2020 @ 10:00am to Monday, October 26, 2020 @ 12:00pm for the following positions:

Volunteer Coordinator – Direct questions to shawna@nrll.ca

    • Maintains a list of people who have indicated they are willing to volunteer with North Regina in various capacities.  Volunteers may be identified via TeamSnap registration, social media and personal contacts of Executive.  
    • Be the main point of contact for NRLL Executives who require volunteer assistance with park improvements, BINGOs, park clean-up, events, fundraising, etc.  Find volunteers to assist with these events.  
    • Administers the Volunteer Incentive Program and tracks the volunteer hours and credits for each volunteer.

Park Improvements – Direct questions to tim@nrll.ca

    • Prioritizes the annual list of park improvements according to  ‘must do’ and ‘should do’ initiatives.  Provides a high-level budget for each improvement.  Seeks approval from the Board on the prioritized improvements, associated budget and approximate timelines.  
    • Gets detailed quotes from vendors and seeks approval from the Board of Directors on the detailed budget, project plan and timeline. 
    • Once approved, manages the implementation of the project through use of contractors and volunteers.
    • Manages the park improvement list on an ongoing basis, constantly prioritizing and bringing projects forward based on budget allowances. 

Commissioner – T-Ball, Major, Intermediate|Junior|Senior, Fall Ball – Direct questions to dean@nrll.ca

    • Reviews Rules of Play for each Division and propose revisions to the Board of Directors.  
    • Chooses coaches for each team within the Division (and Tier).
    • Communicates with coaches about important aspects of the season such as equipment and uniform pick-up, schedules and jamboree.
    • Schedules a Manager’s Meeting and Coach’s Meeting to ensure they have everything they need for a successful season.
    • Handles concerns within the Division and act as a liaison to the Board of Directors and Executive.  
    • Presents medals at the final game of the season.  
    • Any other activities that will help ensure success within the Division.  

Evaluations – Direct questions to dean@nrll.ca

    • Ensures processes are in place for the fair evaluation of players who are eligible for drafting.
    • Recruits Executive members and independent evaluators to fairly evaluate players.
    • Confirms tabulation processes, scoring and ratings are working properly.
    • Books facilities and ensures equipment is available for evaluations.
    • Creates an evaluation process that is seamless and efficient to ensure good use of everyone’s time.  

Member at Large – additional position – Direct questions to shawna@nrll.ca

    • Represents the NRLL membership as a whole.
    • Gathers feedback on initiatives from members and relays that information to the Executive and Board of Directors.
If you want to put your name forward for one (or more) of these positions, please complete the Nomination Form and return to shawna@nrll.ca by Monday, October 26, 2020 @ 12:00pm (noon).  These positions are open to the entire NRLL membership.  

Coach a Team

Coaches are vital to the success of North Regina. We appreciate the time and talent it takes to help children learn the great game of baseball. While it’s helpful to know a little about baseball, you don’t need to be an expert.  We’ll provide training and mentoring to help you learn and grow as a coach.  Coaches are required for Regular Season, All-Star and Fall Ball.  


Park Clean-Up

We are proud of our beautiful North Regina park, but it takes a lot of work to ensure the grounds are well-kept and ready for activities.  We schedule  two park clean-up days (spring and fall) where we ask volunteers to help rake leaves, pick up garbage , clean the clubhouse, manage signage and do other odd jobs to help get our park baseball-ready. 

Park Maintenance

There are alway plenty of odd jobs around the park related to carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, sewing, etc.  If you are a handy person (or even if you’re not) and are willing to donate a bit of your time, please complete a volunteer form and someone from our Executive will be in contact with you.  Thank you in advance for volunteering your time with North Regina!

Join our Executive

Our North Regina league is run by a team of talented, enthusiastic volunteers who manage everything from registrations, evaluations, scheduling, grounds keeping, event planning, fundraising and everything in-between.  If you’d like to join our Executive team, please contact Chris Kayter.