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Great teams have great leaders!

Coaches are vital to the success of North Regina Little League.  We are grateful to all coaches who invest their time and talent to help children learn the great game of baseball.  While it’s great to know a little about baseball, you don’t need to be an expert.  We’ll provide training and mentoring to help you be the best coach you can be.

If you are interested in coaching, please contact the appropriate Division Commissioner.  They’ll be happy to help!

Regular Season

Coaching during the Regular Season is an exciting and rewarding job.  Seeing improvement in young players throughout the season makes it all worthwhile.  We make coaching as easy as possible.

  • Practices and games are scheduled by the league so your season is arranged for you.
  • We provide a comprehensive Coaches Package that includes rules for the Division, guidelines for coaching a team, areas of focus for each Division and Tier and sample training plans and drills.
  • Coaches will also have access to mentors who will be available for consultation or to help with training sessions

Apply to be a Regular Season coach today!

All-Star Season

Coaching during the All-Star Season is more intensive and requires a greater time commitment.  Coaches of the All-Star and Select teams are chosen by the All-Star Committee, made up of members of the Board of Directors and Executive.

Coaches will indicate on their Regular Season coaching application if they would like to be considered for an All-Star Coach.  Coaches will then be short-listed and interviewed by the All-Star Committee in early March.  Final selection of All-Star coaches will be done by March 15th.

Coaches will be expected to run All-Star Development Camps throughout April and May.  On May 31, coaches will finalize their rosters and can then choose their Assistant Coaches.  Assistant Coaches must be approved by the All-Star Committee.  Any Coach wishing to be considered for an All-Star or Select team must have coached during the Regular Season for at least 60% of the games played in that Division.

Apply to be an All Star Season coach today!

Fall Ball Season

Coaching during the Fall Ball Season is a bit more relaxing and chill.  Fall Ball is very focused on developing skills and having fun!

Each session will begin an hour of baseball instruction provided by either RBI or Inside Pitch.  During this time, coaches are assisting in ensuring  players are doing the drills correctly.  After the training session, teams will break off into a game.  Coaches will be responsible for creating the batting line-ups and assigning players to positions in the field.

Apply to be a Fall Ball Season coach today!

Step 1

Apply for a Criminal Record Check

Step 2

Complete Coaching Application

Step 3

Complete Respect in Sport On-line Course

Step 4

Attend North Regina Coaching Clinic

Step 5

Begin a Rewarding Coaching Career
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