Regular Season

Children ages 4 to 16 can play Regular Season baseball at North Regina.  Our Regular Season Divisions are as follows:

  • Challenger
  • T-Ball (age 4)
  • Junior Rookie (ages 5 + 6)
  • Senior Rookie (ages 7+ 8 ) with A, AA and AAA Tiers
  • Minor (ages 9 + 10) with A, AA and AAA Tiers
  • Major (ages 11 + 12 ) with A , AA and AAA Tiers
  • Intermediate (ages 11-13) with AA and AAA Tiers
  • Junior (ages 13 + 14) with AA and AAA Tiers
  • Senior (ages 15 + 16) with AA and AAA Tiers

Last year, we combined Intermediate, Junior and Senior into one Division.  

All players trying out for AA or AAA will attend evaluations.  Players will be evaluated on individual skills and abilities by impartial and Independent Evaluators. 

Regular Season is the heart of baseball at North Regina.  We have a program for every age and skill level.  

For players ages 6 and younger, we have T-Ball and Junior Rookie programs that are focused on movement and learning basic baseball skills in a fun and engaging environment.  

For players ages 7-16:

  • We have A Tiers for players that are new to baseball or for existing players who require more experience with baseball fundamentals.  
  • We have AA Tiers for players that have some baseball experience, and would like to develop more advanced baseball skills.
  • We have AAA Tiers for players with advanced skills who are preparing for greater competition.   
NOTE:  There is no A Tier for Intermediate, Junior or Senior Divisions.  

Regular Season games are played from May 1st to June 15th.  Play-offs are usually played from June 15th until June 30th.  The season must be complete prior to the last day of the school year to allow players to begin their summer vacation.  

Teams will be scheduled practices in April, as soon as the teams have been formed.  These practices are meant to help players prepare for the start of the Regular Season.  These pre-season practices will be held indoors unless the weather in April is warm and dry.  


Challenger, T-Ball, Junior Rookie and Senior Rookie games are all played at North Regina.  

Minor and Major play inter-league with Kiwanis and Moose Jaw, so games will be held at North Regina, Kiwanis Park or Moose Jaw.

Intermediate, Junior and Senior teams play on a larger diamond.  Games are held in both Moose Jaw and North Regina, on the newly expanded K1 diamond.

The most current Registration Fees can be found here.

Great teams have great leaders!  Coaches are vital to the success of North Regina Little League.  We are grateful to coaches for investing their time and talent to help children learn the great game of baseball.  While it’s great to know a little about baseball, you don’t need to be an expert.  We’ll provide training and mentoring to help you learn all you need to know.

Please visit the coaching section of our website for more information.  

To apply to be a coach, please register here.  

There is a place for everyone to play
Programs are focused on player development
Level of competition in the AAA Divisions
Opportunity to play in tournaments