2021 Tournaments

UPDATE:  The status of tournaments for 2021 is unclear due to COVID guidelines.  Once we know more, we will update this page.  

North Regina

Regular Season

Entry Fee for all NRLL tournaments:  $200 for non-NRLL teams | $150 for NRLL teams

Prize:  First place team wins their entry fee back

Number of Teams:  12 team maximum

Division | TierTournament NameTo Register Contact
Minor AANorth Regina Minor AA Tournamentregister.nrll@gmail.com
Minor AAANorth Regina Minor AAA Tournamentregister.nrll@gmail.com
Intermediate | Junior | SeniorNorth Regina I|J|S Tournamentregister.nrll@gmail.com
Sr Rookie AAANorth Regina Sr Rookie AAA Tournamentregister.nrll@gmail.com
Major AANorth Regina Major AA Tournamentregister.nrll@gmail.com

All-Star Season

DateDivision | TierTournament NameTo Register Contact

Other Leagues

Regular Season

For more information on these tournaments, please click on the tournament link. 

Date Division | TierOrganizationTournament NameTo Register Contact
TBDMajor AA | AAALethbridge Little LeagueLethbridge Little LeagueTBD
TBDMajor AA | AAAMedicine Hat Little LeagueMedicine Hat Little LeaguTBD
TBDMajor AAAKiwanis National Little LeagueKiwanis National Little LeagueTBD
TBDMajorRocky Mountain Little LeagueRocky Mountain Elbow River ClassicTBD

All-Star Season

DateDivision | TierOrganizationTournament NameTo Register Contact