Regular Season Evaluations


2021 Evaluations


Thank you to all volunteers and families who helped make our 2021 Evaluations a great success!  We witnessed great baseball talent and future potential, all while being very safe and following COVID guidelines. 

North Regina Little League evaluations will be held this upcoming weekend (March 19, 20 and 21) at the Agribition Building at EVRAZ Place.  There is important information in this email about evaluations, safety procedures and your player’s individual evaluation time.  Please read carefully.

  • Location:  Evaluations will be held at the Agribition Building at EVRAZ Place, players enter through the south doors and exit through the west doors.  Parents, please remain parked in the south parking lot and the players will come to you after they are through.
  • Leave Yourself Enough Time:  We recommend entering EVRAZ Place through the Elphinstone Street entrances to help avoid congestion created by the Vaccination Clinic at the Lewvan Drive entrance.  Please allow yourself enough time to navigate the traffic while still arriving on time for your evaluation.  A map of EVRAZ is attached to help you find the Agribition building.  
  • Time:  You will have received an email from NRLL with your player’s individual evaluation time.  Remember to write down your evaluation time and evaluation number.  Please confirm your evaluation time in the form so we know you’ve received this information.  You can expect evaluations to be about 50 minutes.  If you haven’t received your time, please let us know at
  • Equipment:  Ensure your player brings all of their own baseball equipment as sharing of equipment is not allowed.  They will need their glove, helmet and baseball bat.  They will also need indoor running shoes, a water bottle and a face mask (mandatory).  There are no change rooms available so please ensure your player comes ready to go.  
  • Evaluation Number:  In the above document, you will find your player’s Evaluation Number.  Please write this number prominently on their forearm prior to entering the building to help evaluators identify your player.  Due to social distancing, it is not possible for our volunteers to write Evaluation Numbers on their forearms.  
  • COVID Guidelines:  We will be strictly adhering to all COVID guidelines.  We thank you for understanding that parents will not be allowed inside the building.  Players will be greeted at the entrance by a volunteer who will check them in and escort them to the warm-up station.  Players will spend 10 minutes at each station and volunteers will sanitize thoroughly prior to the next duo of players coming to the station.  Players will exit the building at the west entrance and a volunteer will walk them to the south parking lot to meet you.  

Evaluation Process

The purpose of the evaluation process is to ensure players are placed in the appropriate Tier based on their skills, abilities and baseball experience.  This ensures a safe environment for all players and assists in creating a balance of talent and strength among all teams in each Tier. 

Evaluations ARE NOT required for :

  • Players entering T-Ball
  • Players entering Junior Rookie
  • Players in Senior Rookie, Minor and Major who wish to play in the ‘A’ tier (new to baseball or existing players who require more experience with fundamentals). 
  • Players not wishing to join the All-Star Season.

Evaluations ARE required for players trying out for the AA and AAA Tiers of the:

  • Senior Rookie Division
  • Minor Division
  • Major Division
  • Intermediate | Junior | Senior Division
  • All-Star Season

Players will be evaluated by both an Independent Evaluator and a member of the NRLL Executive.  The use of Independent Evaluators will help improve the quality of evaluations and ensure your player is placed in the appropriate tier.

Players will be evaluated on their ability to field, catch, throw, pitch and hit a ball.

Based on the evaluation results, players are placed into a Tier.   Teams are then formed through a draft process by the coaches and Commissioner of each Division. The number of teams will be determined based on the total number of players in the Division.