Regular Season Evaluations


2021 Evaluations

Evaluations for the 2021 Regular Season are scheduled for March 19, 20 and 21 at the Canada West Building at EVRAZ Place.  Further details will be communicated after the close of registration.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If your player would like to tryout for the All-Star season, they MUST attend Regular Season evaluations.  Regular Season evaluations will serve as the evaluation tool for both Regular and All-Star Seasons.   

To help you plan your weekend, here are the times each Division will evaluate.  Please note these are subject to change.  You will receive an email between March 16-18 with your player’s exact evaluation time along with the COVID guidelines we will be following.  

  • March 19th from 5:50pm to 9:00pm – Intermediate|Junior|Senior
  • March 20th from 8:50am to 5:00pm – Senior Rookie
  • March 20th from 5:50pm to 8:00pm – Minor
  • March 21st from 8:50am to 12:00pm – Minor
  • March 21st from 12:10pm to 8:20pm – Major

Evaluation Process

The purpose of the evaluation process is to ensure players are placed in the appropriate Tier based on their skills, abilities and baseball experience.  This ensures a safe environment for all players and assists in creating a balance of talent and strength among all teams in each Tier. 

Evaluations ARE NOT required for :

  • Players entering T-Ball
  • Players entering Junior Rookie
  • Players in Senior Rookie, Minor and Major who wish to play in the ‘A’ tier (new to baseball or existing players who require more experience with fundamentals). 
  • Players not wishing to join the All-Star Season.

Evaluations ARE required for players trying out for the AA and AAA Tiers of the:

  • Senior Rookie Division
  • Minor Division
  • Major Division
  • Intermediate | Junior | Senior Division
  • All-Star Season

Players will be evaluated by both an Independent Evaluator and a member of the NRLL Executive.  The use of Independent Evaluators will help improve the quality of evaluations and ensure your player is placed in the appropriate tier.

Players will be evaluated on their ability to field, catch, throw, pitch and hit a ball.

Based on the evaluation results, players are placed into a Tier.   Teams are then formed through a draft process by the coaches and Commissioner of each Division. The number of teams will be determined based on the total number of players in the Division.