Regular Season Evaluations

2021 Evaluations

Evaluations for the 2021 Regular Season will begin immediately after registration closes in mid-March.  

Important Information for Parents

  • Once you receive the email with your player’s evaluation date and time, please respond confirming you got the email and can attend the evaluation time.  
  •  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your evaluation time.  Please try and time this appropriately to ensure there is no gathering and/or waiting at the check-in table.  
  • Park in the north parking lot and accompany your player to the check-in table.  Once there, a volunteer will check-in your player and ask you to sign a waiver.  A waiver must be signed before your player can play baseball this season.  
  • Once your player is checked in, they will be escorted by a volunteer to the warm-up station and then through the evaluation stations.  The entire process will take about 30 minutes.
  • Unfortunately, parents will not be allowed inside the park due to the limits on gathering size.  We ask parents to wait for their player in the south parking lot, which is where they will exit the park.  
  • Please note that all players will be required to have their own equipment including helmet, glove and bat.  Absolutely no sharing of equipment will be allowed. 

COVID Safety Procedures

We will be making every effort possible to ensure your player is safe during evaluations.  Here is a summary of the precautions we will be taking:

  • There will never be more than 30 people in the North Regina park at any given time.  
  • Players will use all of their own equipment for evaluations, there will be no sharing of equipment.  
  • Players will be provided with their own bucket of balls to use for evaluations.
  • The only time players will touch the same ball is during warm-up.  Two players will play catch with the same ball.  After they are finished, they will sanitize their hands and the ball will be thoroughly sanitized for the next duo to warm-up.  
  • Four players will be evaluating at the same time.  They will practice proper social distancing and will never touch the same surfaces.  
  • There will be ample hand sanitizing stations around the park to ensure proper hand hygiene.  
  • Here is a map showing the flow of traffic within the park and how we plan to keep your player safe:

Evaluation Process

The purpose of the evaluation process is to ensure players are placed in the appropriate Tier based on their skills, abilities and baseball experience.  This ensures a safe environment for all players and assists in creating a balance of talent and strength among all teams in each Tier. 

Evaluations ARE NOT required for :

  • Players entering T-Ball
  • Players entering Junior Rookie
  • Players in Senior Rookie, Minor and Major who chose not to evaluate.  If you wish your player to evaluate, please email the Registrar.  

Evaluations ARE required for players trying out for the AA and AAA Tiers of the:

  • Senior Rookie Division
  • Minor Division
  • Major Division
  • Intermediate | Junior | Senior Division

Players will be evaluated by both an Independent Evaluator and a member of the NRLL Executive.  The use of Independent Evaluators will help improve the quality of evaluations and ensure your player is placed in the appropriate tier.

Players will be evaluated on their ability to field, catch, throw, pitch and hit a ball.

Based on the evaluation results, players are placed into a Tier.   Teams are then formed through a draft process by the coaches and Commissioner of each Division. The number of teams will be determined based on the total number of players in the Division.