All Star Season Evaluations

2021 All Star Season Evaluations

Evaluation times for the 2021 All Star Season have not yet been scheduled.  Specific dates and times will be available in the spring.

When attending evaluations, all players will be sized for team uniforms in the event they make a team. Parents will also be informed of the commitment level, tournament dates, travel required, fees and volunteer requirements if their child is selected for an All Star team.

Evaluation Process

All players will attend evaluations for the All Star Season.  Players will be evaluated by both an Independent Evaluator and a member of the NRLL Executive.  The use of Independent Evaluators will help improve the quality of evaluations and ensure your player is placed in the appropriate tier.  Players will be evaluated on their:
  • eligibility, availability, ability, skills, desire and specific team needs.
  • player’s behaviour throughout the Regular Season was aligned with the Players Code of Conduct (i.e. a positive attitude, sportsmanship, teamwork and regular participation