All-Star Season

All-Star Teams (AAA Tier) are formed in the Minor, Major, Intermediate, Junior and Senior Divisions, assuming there are enough interested players.  Additional teams, called Select Teams (AA or A Tiers), may be formed where there are enough players to have two teams in one Division.

Players may try out for the All-Star or Select Team in their Division if they meet the following criteria:

  • Played on a North Regina Regular Season team (for Major Division and below).  
  • Live in or attend school within the NRLL boundaries (for Major Division and below).  Boundaries for Intermediate, Junior and Senior include all of Regina and Moose Jaw (combined teams).  
  • Are of legal age for your Division.
    • Ages 9 and 10 for 10U (typically a Select team)
    • Ages 9 and 10 for Minor (typically an All-Star team)
    • Ages 11 and 12 for Major (All-Star and Select teams)
    • Age 11-13 for Intermediate (typically an All-Star team)
    • Ages 13 and 14 for Junior (typically an All-Star’ team)
    • Ages 15 and 16 for Senior (typically an All-Star team)

It is mandatory that players play within their designated Division.  Minor (10 year old) players who played Major during the Regular Season are eligible to play on the Minor All Star team but not the Major All-Star team.

All players who would like to play in the All-Star Season must attend Regular Season evaluations.  Regular Season evaluations will serve as the evaluation tool for both Regular and All-Star Seasons.  Selection criteria for All-Stars includes:

  • baseball skills including fielding, catching, throwing, pitching and hitting as demonstrated during Regular Season evaluations and throughout All-Star Development Camps.
  • commitment and availability to attend all practices, camps, games, tournaments and other team events.  Players may be asked to sign a Commitment Contract to ensure they understand the level of commitment required to play All-Stars.  
  • knowledge of the game, attitude, sportsmanship, teamwork and leadership demonstrated throughout development camps.   

The All-Star program provides an opportunity for players to continue playing highly competitive baseball throughout the summer.  Players are selected to represent their clubs, and perhaps their province, at the highest level of Little League Baseball.

Head coaches for the All-Star teams (AAA) will be decided in March, with Assistant Coaches being named once the roster is finalized.  These head coaches will begin holding All-Star Development Camps as early as April to help provide as much skill development as possible before the start of the All-Star Season.  

All-Star Development Camps

  •  All-Star coaches will invite the top-rated players (from Regular Season evaluations) to attend the All-Star Development Camp.  If a player declines the invitation, the coach will continue down the list until the camp is full.  Camp maximums are as follows:
    • Intermediate, Junior and Senior – 15 players
    • Major – 30 players
    • Minor – 30 players
    • 10U – 15 players
  •  All-Star Development Camp includes practices, inter-squad games and exhibition games throughout April and May, alongside their Regular Season play.  Commitments to their Regular Season house team will take priority, but the league will do our best to ensure all players can attend camps without schedule conflicts.  
Team Selection

On May 31st, coaches will begin officially creating rosters from the players attending camp.  Through their time at camp, coaches will have a good sense of what each player brings to the team and can now begin selecting their AAA players.  Coaches for the Select (AA) teams will be named at this time and can begin choosing their roster once the AAA team has been confirmed. 

Effective June 1st, both All-Star and Select coaches can contact their respective players and begin operating as intact teams.  Head Coaches may now select their Assistant Coaches and begin holding practices, arranging exhibition games and attending tournaments.  

All-Star Season

Officially, the All-Star season runs from June through to August.  Players can expect a full schedule of practices, games and tournaments.  Travel to tournaments is necessary for all Divisions.  Tournaments are often out-of-province so travel is required.  

Most Divisions conclude with a Canadian Championship and then a Little League World Series.

The All-Star and Select teams are eligible to play in District, Provincial and National Championships.  

10U Selects – They are eligible to enter the 10U Invitational Tournament as well as other local 9U & 10U Little League, Cal Ripken & Babe Ruth or Minor Invitational Tournaments. They may also enter the Little League Alberta Minor Prairie Championship tournament. There is no Little League Minor Canadian Championships.

Minor All-Stars – They are eligible to enter the Minor Provincial Championship Tournament, Little League Alberta Minor Prairie Championship tournament as well as other potential tournaments.  They may also participate in inter-league play in preparation for tournaments.  There is no Little League Minor Canadian Championships.

Major All-Stars – They are eligible to play in the Major Provincial Championship Tournament.  If they win, they will represent Saskatchewan at the Canadian Little League Championship tournament. The Canadian Champion advances to the Little League World Series held in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Intermediate All-Stars – They are eligible to play in the Intermediate All-Star tournament. Depending on the number of teams in Saskatchewan, they have an opportunity to represent Saskatchewan at the Intermediate Canadians. The winner of the Canadian Championship advances to the Little League Intermediate World Series held in Livermore, California.

Junior All-Stars – They are eligible to play in the Junior All-Star tournament.  If they qualify, they will play in the Little League Saskatchewan Junior Provincial Championships (if there are enough teams) with a chance to get to the Canadian Junior Championship tournament.  The Canadian champion advances to the Junior World Series held in Taylor, Michigan.

Select Teams – In addition, NRLL offers the opportunity to form AA teams that will compete in AA Interlock league play in June and July.  All NRLL AA teams have the opportunity to attend the Little League Alberta Prairie Championship normally held during the August long weekend1

In 2019, the initial cost to play was $280, which included the team uniform, practice gear and registration.  Travel is additional and can be extensive, so many teams participate in fundraising to help cover these travel costs.

For Major and Intermediate Divisions, some or all of the travel to the National Championships (and World Series events) is covered by Little League Canada.

Coaches of the All-Star and Select teams are chosen by the All-Star Committee, made up of members of the Board of Directors and Executive. 

Once the application process opens in January, Coaches will apply on-line.  Coaches will then be short-listed and interviewed by the All-Star Committee in early March.  Final selection of All-Star coaches will be done by March 15th.  

Coaches will be expected to run All-Star Development Camps throughout April and May.  On May 31, coaches will finalize their rosters and can then choose their Assistant Coaches.  Assistant Coaches must be approved by the All-Star Committee.  Any Coach wishing to be considered for an All-Star or Select team must have coached during the Regular Season for at least 60% of the games played in that Division.

There is a place for everyone to play
Programs are focused on player development
Level of competition in the AAA Divisions
Opportunity to play in tournaments