League Policies

A good website is not complete without some legal and policy information to protect the integrity of our league and ensure we’re on the right side of the law.  Please take a read through this information and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  

Baseball is an emotional sport and passionate responses from players, coaches and parents is understandable.  North Regina has implemented a 24-Hour Cool Down Policy to help defuse emotional situations and minimize heated confrontations.  We believe it’s in everyone’s best interest if we take some time to cool down and approach the situation with a calmer perspective.  For that reason, coaches are advised not to engage in discussion with a spectator about an incident or situation that occurred during the game until at least 24 hours later.  As a spectator, we request that you not approach a coach to discuss an incident or situation until everyone has had a chance to cool down.  

By having everyone respect the 24-Hour Cool Down Policy, we believe concerns can be fully discussed and a suitable solution can be reached.  This helps preserve the respectful, family atmosphere at our park and increases our player’s enjoyment of the game. 

Here is the information from the Liability Waiver you would have agreed to during registration.  

On behalf of myself and my child, I hereby discharge and release North Regina Little League (NRLL) and its officers, employees, subsidiaries, agents and their volunteers from all claims, actions or damages, however caused, in connection with my child’s participation with North Regina Little League (NRLL). This waiver shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Saskatchewan, including all federal laws of Canada applicable therein. I have read over and fully understand all the terms and conditions of this waiver.

Here is the information from the Media Waiver you would have agreed to during registration.  

North Regina finds social media (and other forms of electronic communication) a very effective and engaging way to share information and build a sense of community.  We are proud of our park and our players, so we often take photos at our baseball events to display in these communications.  We take great care with these photos and ensure we never post names along with photos.  During registration, you would have indicated your preference in having you our your child’s photo used in communications.  However, if things have changed and you wish for us not to use your photos, please contact us and we’ll be sure to note it.  

As a youth organization we are very concerned about privacy and have taken measures to ensure our content and offerings help protect an individual’s privacy.  For more information, please see the Little League Privacy Policy.

This Refund Policy is applicable only under normal circumstances where we are able to play a typical Regular Season. 
The COVID-19 situation would not be considered normal circumstances, therefore this Refund Policy does not apply.  

We understand that sometimes life happens and circumstances might require your child to withdraw from our program.  If that happens, here is how the refunds work:

  • For Divisions with Evaluations:  If you withdraw prior to the Evaluation date, your Registration Fees will be refunded in full, less a $50 Administrative Fee (per player).
  • For All Other Divisions:  If you withdraw prior to the close of Registration, Registration Fees will be refunded in full, less a $50 Administrative Fee per player.  If Registration is closed, we will not be able to offer a refund except in the situation of an injury or health concern.
  • Injury or Health Concern:  A refund may be granted for an injury or health concern that would cause a child to miss more than half of scheduled games. A Doctor’s note must be produced explaining the injury or health concerns.  In the event of withdrawal with a Doctor’s note, a pro-rated refund will be granted (according to the time spent playing), less a $60 Administrative Fee (per player).

Please note that there will be a $20 fee for all NSF cheques and a $25 fee for Credit Card chargebacks.